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We specialise in the installation of frameless glass for those who want to view their world without constraints. Using advanced South African technology, materials and fittings the FG01 and FG03 Frameless Sliding Glass Wall Systems and the FG02 Sliding Shutter System and FG04 Security mesh system is master crafted with clear lines and superb finish.

At Dream View Glass, our clients are our biggest assets. We do frameless stack doors as well as security shutters and security mesh.

Our vision is to fulfil our client’s requests and assure them of a perfect and functional product. Every installation will be safe, fully licensed and installed completely. Our work is executed in compliance with the relevant South African regulations and standards.

Our Frameless Glass System complies with SANS 613 part N, making it the only frameless system in South Africa that has been tested by AAAMSA to a height of 2,7m that can be used as a primary application.

Frameless Stacking System

Open your view with our Frameless Glass Systems. Installations are done by our expert installers, ensuring that work is completed professionally, timeously and to the highest standard. Various powder coating colours are available to choose from.

Our Frameless Glass System complies with SANS 613 part N, making it the only frameless system in South Africa that has been tested by AAAMSA to a height of 2,7m that can be used as a primary application.

Special Features

  • Unique hinge lock design allows for 35mm short guiding arm which eliminates interference with curtains and blinds
  • Durable hardware and fittings
  • A quiet, smooth operation of the running mechanism
  • Easily adjustable top profile – up to 18mm
  • Technically advanced panel guide design
  • Designed to suit your requirements
  • Easy to clean glass from the inside
  • Curves and 90 degrees can be supplied
  • Safe and secure against illegal entry
  • No uprights obscuring your view

Frame Features

  • Enhanced weatherproofing, double wool piles on the top and bottom profiles
  • Sturdy boxed on either side to reduce deflection of glass
  • End caps on exposed profiles eliminates corrosion
  • Bottom profile is a sealed unit complete with internal gutter

Security Mesh

Security has become a basic necessity in our country and Dream View Glass paves the way to ensuring individuals are kept safe, whilst maintaining pristine and modernised architecture.

Feel safe with minimum obstruction to your views. Our Security Mesh System is barely visible and adds to the visual appeal of your space.

The stainless-steel mesh acts as a deterrent against forceful entry. Each panel has a male and female profile which prevents an object from being wedged in between panels. The primary door has a three-way locking system that secures the door at the top, bottom and middle.

Options Available

  • Sliding Stacking

  • Hinge

  • Horizontal Sliding

Security Shutter System


  • Internal hinge part
  • Locking device
  • Guiding arm (27mm)
  • Aluminium box with wool pile on both sides
  • Bottom track is a sealed unit with internal gutter
  • Individual sliding panels
  • Individual stacking sequence
  • Single set of tracks
  • Stainless steel rod in each fin for added security 


  • Top track with compensating channel
  • Sealed role-bearing wheel with nylon casing
  • Guiding block on bottom of the panel
  • Male and female interlocker
  • Double wool piles between glazing profile and tracks

Security Shutter System


  • Locks on 2 degrees
  • Dual locking system on primary door
  • Length of gliding arm is reduced due to hinge lock. This eliminates obstruction with existing windows & doors 
  • For a snug fit to eliminate deflection
  • Leads away and drains any water that might seep through in extreme weather conditions
  • Creating an opening where you may need it
  • Only need one track to stack all the panels sideways
  • Robust components insure no limitations in application
  • Optimize space
  • Solid aluminium used for added strength
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